Good launching thanks to PM - M260/M261 Rocket Launcher - preventive maintenance

Good launching thanks to PM - M260/M261 Rocket Launcher - preventive maintenanceThe M260/M261 rocket launcher is a simple piece of equipment compared to rest of your bird. But corrosion or carbon or rough handling can quickly turn its launches into misfires.

Clean and lube the launcher thoroughly after firing. Just running the bore brush through the rocket tubes is not enough. First make sure the aft igniter arms are in the LOAD/UNLOAD position and the side firing contacts are recessed.

Using a spray bottle, soak the bore brush with CLP. Put the bore brush into each tube from the front of the launcher. Push the brush slowly to the rear while turning the handle. Repeat this until the inside of the tube is coated with CLP.

Next, put a small amount of CLP on the brush. Scrub the entire inside of each tube with twisting back and forth strokes of one foot. Attach rags to the brush. Push the brush in through the front of each tube and run the brush all the way through to wipe the tubes dry. Change to a clean rag every third tube.

Working from the back of the launcher, place the aft igniter arms in the firing position and scrub the side and aft contacts with a stainless steel brush. Brush back and forth, not side to side, to avoid damage. Make sure the contacts are completely dry and free of teflon coating.

At the front of the launcher, spray CLP directly into each umbilical connector opening. Clean the connectors with an acid swabbing brush. Flush away residue with CLP and blot the CLP with a rag. After the connectors are clean, use a pipe cleaner to remove any remaining CLP and dry the connectors.

Be careful connecting the Apache launcher cables. The P827 cable goes to the front launcher connector and the P829 to the rear connector. If you get them backwards, you can damage connector pins.

Use care and two people to remove and store the launcher. If you try to handle the launcher by yourself, you will probably bang it and dent it. Be especially careful setting it on end. If it's slammed down, the edges of the launcher can be bent and the launcher rivets loosened.