How to Play Blackjack Hard and Soft Hands

In blackjack there are two types of hand that a player has to deal with many a time. He might have to face a hard hand or a soft hand. He has to deal differently in both cases in order to keep alive his winning hope. Hard hands are those which don't have an ace. Here the player has to play the correct strategy to reduce the house edge.

The player would not find much difficulty in hard hands and require around one hour or less for playing. 1) In hard hands always look at the dealers up card and two of your cards. 2) When you have eight or less you should always hit. In case you have nine you could double provided the dealer has 3-6 unless hit. 3) You should double when you have ten and the dealer has 2-9 other wise you should hit. 4) When the dealer has 2-10 and you have eleven you should double but if the dealer has Ace you must hit.

5) When you have twelve and the dealer has 4-6 you should stand; otherwise you have to hit. 6) When you have 13-16 you have to hit when the dealer don't have 2-6. 7) You have to always stand when you have 17-21. When you have a hard hand you should not play hunches.

Again you don't have to worry what other players are playing their hands. Better you avoid alcoholic drinks. In a soft hand the player has an ace and here also the players need to use the correct strategy to reduce the house edge. It too provides average difficulty for the player in the game which continues for one hour or less. a) The first step remains same as you have to look for the dealers up card.

b) Followed by this you have to look at your starting hand which contains the Ace. c) When you have Ace2 or Ace 3 you could double if the dealer has 5 or 6 unless you have to hit. d) When the dealer has 4-6 and you have Ace 4 or 5 you should double otherwise hit.

e) When you have Ace6 you cold hit provided the dealer don't have 3-6. In that case you have to double. f) When you have Ace7 and the dealer has 2, 7 or 8 you have to stand. You could double if the dealer has 3-6 or otherwise you could hit.

When you have Ace8 or 9 you have to always stand. You have to play soft hands until they turn into hard hands. You could only double on the first two cards.

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