Teaching Spelling to Your Kids

Once you see that your child is already good in reading and writing, this could be the perfect time to prepare him with his spelling skills. The way your kid would learn spelling words correctly can be taught using specific pre-learning skills. It is important to practice your child and make him become a competitive reader and confident in spelling words correctly. At the same time, teaching your child correct spelling should also be followed by teaching him with correct writing.

If your child is having a hard time in forming simple words, make an extra effort to teach him how to spell. You may enroll your child to a spelling program. However, you need to make sure that he has sufficient decoding skills.

That means that your kid should be able to read 120 to 200 words per minute using a reading material that is matched according to his age bracket. Your child's name is generally the first thing he would learn how to write and spell correctly. Start teaching your child writing his name at an early age. Do this by allowing him to write his name more often. In this way, your child can easily improve in distinguishing alphabet characters. You can determine his efficiency by counting the numbers of letters or small simple words he wrote.

If your child has not met the criteria on the spelling and writing proficiency, you should take time and give extra effort in improving his spelling skills. Teach your child to spell phonetically simple words. Your child's ability to spell correctly would depend on his ability to say the words that make up phonetically simple words. Make sure that he has enough knowledge on phonics and that he can pronounce each sound or word combinations in a phonetically simple word. After which, he should learn how to write the letters that constitute a certain word that he hears. Teach him how to spell words that have vowel sounds made up of sound combinations.

Simple spelled words that have vowel-like sounds with letter combinations consisting of letter "ee" can be introduced to his lists of words. Another way of teaching your kid is by introducing words that have rhyming sounds that are also spelled with the same sound combinations. You may introduce four letter words that are included in this class such as tree, free, tear, gear, seal and many more.

Teach your kid to spell morphographs. They are words that may have root words, prefixes or suffixes. When the words are used in spelling, even a limited number of morphographs can create thousands of words.

Using these words can teach your child to analyze and identify words. By identifying a word would also enhance his spelling skills. There are many ways to teach your child to spell words correctly. Start with the basic and do not push him to what he cannot yet do. Always remember to be patient and take extra time to pay attention to your kid's spelling lessons.

Prepare your child early so that he would not have a hard time learning simple words he can spell and eventually explore more complicated words in the future.

Dave Poon is an accomplished writer who specializes in the latest in Home and Parenting. For more information regarding Teaching Spelling please drop by at http://www.childrenspelling.com/

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